Believers, simply that!

Talmidim (disciples) of Yeshua and the Kehilat (church) He built. We do not subscribe to any one church group or  denomination. We firmly believe that we are part of the last and final restoration movement, aimed in preparing the Body of believers  in Yeshua before His Second Coming to this earth. We are a group of followers of The Way, whom by the power, goodness  and grace  of our Abba Father, Eternal Creator Elohim the Almighty, and by the inspiration of His Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit), have set forth the last true and final restoration period to the believers and it's fellowship. We are not a cult or a denomination. We believe this final restoration is motivated by the Ha Kodesh Spirit in these the last days, as a reunification of the remnant body of Yahushua, to the complete house of Ysrael (Jew & Gentile) before His Second Coming. The task is incredibly hard and the road is long, but the call is real.  Our model has been the 1st century family of believers in our Messiah, converts of the set apart (Ha Kadosh) the Lamb  and our  Savior Yahshua Ha Masshiach, founded upon his sent  Emissaries (the Apostles). Our mission is trifold. 1-To restore the true doctrine of our Creator excluding all traditions of men and added ancient pagan doctrines, rites, symbols  and/or Greek  and  Roman Mythology.  2-To restore the true fellowship to the body of believers, as the founding Apostles (Sent Ones) first instituted it. Not only meeting the needs of all spiritually, but also physically and mentally. And 3-To announce to the lost remnant (gentiles) the Good News of atonement in Messhiach,  and making new believers of all nations, for the kingdom of Yahweh and of His Son, our Savior Yahshua.




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Why This Restoration Now?

During  the last  past centuries,  a great number of believers in the body of the Messiah, gradually departed from the true teachings of our Savior Yeshua, listening to another Gospel, propelled by a religious system that promoted total disassociation with Judaism and/or anything Jewish. (1st Tim 4:1) This posed a problem for many Messianic Jews, that until the 7th century, steadily grew in strength and in numbers. Through pressure against them from Rabbis of Jewish Synagogues, that made it unlawful for them to even utter the name of Yeshua, the final blow came when the forces of the Gentilized Churches of Rome, started persecution against anything remotely Jewish, when it came to religion.  Around the 7th century CE, another rising force in Europe that contributed to the apostasy of that time was Islam. With all these forces against them, most messianic Jews were gradually assimilated into the many Gentilized Churches by either the sword or by coercion,  as were also many of the Jews throughout Europe, during the time of the inquisition.  Still through all this adversity and persecution, there has always been Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua. Elohim has always preserved a remnant of His chosen people all throughout history. However in the early 1800's, the movement gained some momentum, as mass groups of Jewish people began to accept Yeshua as their Messiah. Finally after the year 1967, and ever since,  the so called modern messianic awakening has been steadily growing in number, after tens of thousands of Jewish people suddenly accepted Yeshua as their Messiah. This prophesied event of Restoration started right after the six day war, when the city of Yahrushalayim (Jerusalem) in a miraculous turn of events, returned to Jewish hands (Luke 21:24). We affirm that this outpouring of the Set Apart Spirit in these the  last days of the age, is truly motivated by Abba Yahweh, in fulfillment of prophecy given to Ysrael, that after the city of David would return to the Jewish people, Yahweh would turn once again towards His people in National Salvation. (Hos. 3:4-5, Joel 2:28-29, Deut. 30:1-3) This is how we know that this Last Restoration Movement and this Fellowship in Yahushua, is not man-made, but Elohim Breathed        



If you would like to be a part in this, our great commission,  or if you refuse be enslaved  to denominational doctrine any longer, we cordially invite you to study Torah with us. It is our only endeavor, in these the last days, to unite from all churches, denominations and organizations, the one true Body of Yahushua that is spread throughout the world today. We must obey Him in all things! If this is your calling also, just e-mail us at:   and we will contact you. The Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) of Yahweh is sending this call in these last days. If you can hear it, don't delay and contact us quickly to join. May Yahweh Bless your decision.


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